RoboMQ integrates SaaS, Enterprise Applications & IoT using Microservices across networks and clouds


RoboMQ provides cloud hosted Message Queue as a Service platform bundled with management interface, dashboards, analytics and SDK to get you going from day one...

90 seconds brief introduction of RoboMQ

Core Components RoboMQ provides full suite of management components, monitoring and alerts on top of a guaranteed delivery protocol agnostic message oriented middleware (MOM). It provides Microservices platform with truly distributed messaging fabric on cloud, on premise and as Hybrid Messaging Cloud.

Robomq Product Architecture

AMQP message broker at the core, fully managed and hosted on the cloud. Highly scalable message queue cluster with built in redundancy, fail-over and elastic scaling to add resources as the message traffic increases.


Robomq Management GUI

Management GUI (Graphical User Interface) to administer your tenant on RoboMQ. Provides ability to manage connections, producers, consumers to add users and manage access.

Real time dashboard including statistical information that provides the pulse of the messaging activity, message rates, number of clients connections, messages in the queues, and the delivery and publish rates.

Robomq Dashboard

IOT Analytics

IoT Analytics provides analytics, graphs and charts customizable to your business needs, providing real time and historic information from your devices, sensors and applications with no programming needed. Real time data driven alerts can be added to provide operational control based on the message data.

Error Analytics provides real-time analytics and visualization of errors encountered while integrating using RoboMQ. Every Microservices or integrating application using RoboMQ messaging fabric can use error notification mechanism. The Error Analytics provides real-time as well as statistical reporting as well as an insight into the root cause leading to process improvement.

Error Analytics

SDK and example code in multiple languages to get you started with the platform in as little as 10 lines of code. The example code and documentation are maintained on GitHub.


Messaging hub for the Internet scale

RoboMQ brings the messaging platform in a fully managed and hosted Message Queue as a Service (SaaS) model offering the reliability, scale and manageability required by today's cloud, mobile, M2M and IoT ( Internet of Things)


Scalable and highly available

Scalable infrastructure on the cloud with elastic scaling to grow as the demand increases for your integration needs. Redundant architecture and load balanced infrastructure offers resilience and disaster recovery.

Cloud Centric

Cloud Centric

Hosted and available on the cloud where you are, including your own private cloud. Fully managed SaaS model providing 24X7 support, monitoring and alerts.

Proven Technology

Built on proven standard Technology

Built using industry leading technologies and open standards, AMQP based messaging broker and microservices at the core. No lock-in to proprietary messaging frameworks and vendor provided data integration hooks.

Reliable Delivery

Reliable & persistent delivery

Provides reliable and guaranteed delivery with persistent message option on a fail-safe and redundant messaging data store.

Monitoring and Dashboards

Detailed Monitoring & Dashboards

Web based management console for real time operations, and a graphical dashboard for real time statistics and a single pane of glass view of all the trends for important matrices.


Multiple choices of protocols for your devices and apps

Supports industry leading standard protocol set including AMQP, MQTT, STOMP and HTTP/HTTPS REST. You can choose a mix of protocols for your mix of devices, application and enterprise systems.


Multiple Language Support

Supports multiple languages for the applications and devices to choose from - Python, Java, C/C++, Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Erlang, Go and more...

Heavy Lifting done by us

We do the heavy lifting

No longer need to worry about infrastructure setup and management. Ready to go from the day one. Save on costly messaging and integration expert resources.

Why RoboMQ?

RoboMQ connects SaaS applications, enterprise systems, devices and sensors creating business workflows across networks and clouds.

Any-to-Any Integration that is protocol and language agnostic

Hybrid Messaging Cloud that is truly distributed & federated

Microservices architecture including visual workflow designer

IoT & SaaS Middleware

Internet of Things (IoT) and SaaS data integration, collaboration and management platform

IoT Middleware

RoboMQ is an end to end Internet of Things (IoT) and SaaS middleware platform that can connect any device to any system, application or cloud through its suite of connectors and adapters over any standard protocol. It is a middleware with no protocol of its own but supports all protocols and cross conversion among them. It has an IoT Gateway that allows devices and device mesh networks to connect to the cloud over cellular or wired connectivity. SaaS and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) allows integrating diverse applications over desperate protocols and integration mechanisms.


Suite of connectors and adapters to support diversity of devices and enterprise applications, and analytics and operations systems

“ThingsConnect” is an extensive suite of connectors and adapters for devices, enterprise systems and applications. It is the enabler delivering the promise of connecting any device to any application, system or cloud.

ThingsConnect supports major relational databases, SaaS applications, CRM and analytics engines. It also provides cross protocol converters to communicate interchangeably across MQTT, AMQP, ModBus, STOMP, WebSTOMP, XML, JSON, WebServices and REST.

Devices can create cases using connector to engage field operations teams to react to the field events. The REST adapter allows integration of devices and sensors a.k.a. “ things ” using the familiar and widely available REST interfaces.

ThingsConnect connectors are available as Docker containers to simplify deployment, management, and distribution.

ThingsConnect Suite


Integrated platform and infrastructure for the service architecture of the cloud age

Robust and scalable platform for Microservices provides asynchronous processing, message routing and loose coupling to build fine grained services for today’s cloud and hybrid infrastructure. Message queues on cloud, on-premise or in hybrid model provide the integration fabric.

API gateway supports multiple protocols like HTTP/REST, web services, AMQP, MQTT and others. RoboMQ has fully dockerized connectors and adapters providing building blocks for microservices.

Build your microservices and run them on the cloud, on premise virtual machines or container management platforms like IBM Bluemix with full core infrastructure provided by RoboMQ.


Hybrid Messaging Cloud

Robust and nimble integration for your hybrid infrastructure

Hybrid Messaging Cloud

Integrate your on-premise and site specific applications locally without the hop to the cloud using an on-site RoboMQ. At the same time, connect SaaS and global enterprise applications using our middleware hosted on the cloud, creating a hybrid messaging infrastructure. The routing between local and cloud hosted RoboMQ happens seamlessly. Hybrid Messaging Cloud provides best of the both worlds with added architectural benefits such as fail-over to the cloud, redundancy, scale and nimble local messaging footprint.

It is an ideal complement to your hybrid cloud architecture. It is well suited for businesses that need local integration in a environment where 24X7 connectivity to cloud can not be taken for granted.

Integration Flow Designer

World's first visual process designer for Microservices

Integration Flow Designer is the world's first Microservices based business process designer that allows you to build Complex Event Processing(CEP) by visually chaining Microservices. This WYSIWYG platform offers a palette of nodes that represent Microservices running in a container management platform. Complex flows can be built by choosing the nodes and connecting them by simple drag and drop.

Flow designer builds upon Microservices platform and offers a GUI for non-programmer to use while offering all the benefits provided by RoboMQ like protocol adapters & connectors, auto scaling, guaranteed delivery and self healing capabilities.

Intrgration Flow Designer


Proximity aware applications and contextual business workflows

Near Proximity Proximity Workflow

NearMe is proximity workflow framework built on the strengths of RoboMQ IoT & SaaS integration platform. NearMe works with proximity devices like beacons and RFIDs, capturing their presence and triggering complex business processes based on the identity of the beacon or the RFID.

Using NearMe platform and underlying business process builder, Integration Flow Designer, you could tie the identity, presence and context of things to trigger events of interests in the desired business operations systems. Promotional offers and coupon dispatch, guest registration, and process management are some of the use cases where NearMe can help create new and innovative revenue opportunities, save cost or improve customer experience.

Event Driven Analytics

Build a business flow driven meaningful data warehouse in real time

Your business is event driven and thousands of interactions among systems and processes are generating meaningful information in real time. Why wait end of the day to load that data into the data warehouse or the BI?

You could get the event driven, semantically connected information in near real time pushed to the data warehouse as it happens. No more end of the day ETLs which require heavy compute and are prone to failures. Now you can build the data warehouse throughout the day. You also do not need to save loads of meaningless information in the warehouse and then cleanse it. Using Event Driven Analytics you can get meaningful and linked information as events happen in real time and in compact form.

With Event Driven Analytics, you can get the value out of your data with less processing, more reliably, in real time and in a much more meaningful and semantic way.

Event Recorder

IoT Analytics

Real-time analytics engine and visualization platform for IoT

Device to Dashboard

"IoT Analytics" is a powerful, ready to use real-time analytics engine with no programming needed.

You simply install a small piece of code or a "plugin" on the device. This device-side plugin sends the information to the IoT middleware and the data is instantly available to build user defined graphs, charts, visualizations and dashboards.

Want to use your own visualization or BI platform? No problem... We integrate with all BI and analytics platforms like Tableau, QlickView, Microsoft PowerBI, TIBCO Spotfire, and all relational and big data databases. You can get your device data steamed straight to the BI application of your choice.

Data Driven Alerts

Real-time alerts and notifications using rule based and machine learning algorithms

Devices and sensors in the Internet of Things provide valuable environmental data that could be proactively acted upon if it can be converted into actionable information in real-time.

Data driven alerts apply rule based as well as machine learning intelligence on the stream of device and sensor data to send email, phone, or SMS alerts as well as create a case in, ServiceNow, Jira or another ticketing system.

Data Driven Alerts

Mission Control

Manage and monitor your devices, services and critical infrastructure

Mission Control

IoT devices, Microservices and the server infrastructure are critical to IoT or enterprise application infrastructure. With RoboMQ Mission Control you can manage, monitor, control and administer these devices as well as services.

Mission control provides capabilities to register, authenticate, authorize, and if needed, black list devices and services. The devices and services can be monitored through health checks and on-demand diagnostics. The software on the “things” can be updated and patched remotely including the remote wipe.

Deployment Options

Truly distributed and federated iPaaS available on-cloud, on-premise, as docker or as an appliance

Federated and distributed message oriented middleware that is available across spectrum of deployment options be it cloud, on premise data center or as a Hybrid Messaging Cloud. Hybrid Messaging Cloud is a true companion to Hybrid Cloud architecture. For the on premise and Hybrid option, RoboMQ is available as an appliance as well as fully portable Docker containers allowing you full freedom of hosting.

Deployment Options

Documentation & SDK has rich documentation, complete SDK and code examples in multiple programming languages to get you going from the moment you sign up...

Getting started

Getting started with RoboMQ is extremely simple and easy - just sign up for a free trial..... Or if you are ready, contact us to get started with one of the subscription plans that fits your integration needs.

Your first application

Learn how to write your first messaging application on Raspberry Pi, Arduino , a mobile device or just any programming environment in less than 10 lines of code!!!

SDK & code examples

Explore code examples and client libraries for AMQP, MQTT, STOMP and WebSTOMP protocols. The examples cover a variety of messaging integration patterns and use cases.

You can find the documentation and SDK on and GitHub

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